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              • IFA renewals are now open

                IFA renewals are now open

                Find out how to pay your fees and submit your return by 31 December 2021.

              • IFA international confence online

                IFA international confence online

                Join us on 25 November to focus on small business worldwide. Keynote speaker: Kevin Dancey, CEO IFAC

              • The IFA Diploma in IFRS

                The IFA Diploma in IFRS

                Explore how the diploma can extend your knowledge.

              • IFA Direct

                IFA Direct

                Invest in your professional development with our online education programme.

              • Refer a colleague

                Refer a colleague

                And receive 25% off your membership fee.

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              Our members' view

              Acting in the public interest

              Membership benefits

              Our members' view

              Acting in the public interest

              The IFA is committed to acting in the public interest and maintaining public confidence in the accountancy profession by promoting the highest professional and ethical standards.

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              Membership benefits

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